Switching edges

Result of the switching speed measurement (click to enlarge)

The aim of this test is to characterise the shape of the high voltage square signal generated by the HVPS when in switching mode. It is also the speed at which the HVPS reacts when the on/off button of the GUI is pressed (i.e. when the the HVPS changes its switching mode from off to any other mode, or the opposite.

To perform this test, the HVPS is placed in switching mode and its output at different frequencies (1, 10, 100 and 1000Hz) is recorded. Press the Start button to launch the acquisition. The required recording time is displayed at the bottom left corner of the window. The test is performed at the highest voltage rating of the unit (e.g. 5000 V for a 5 kV HVPS).

Once the acquisition is finished, you can see the shape of the switching profile in the graph indicator. The frequency of the displayed curve can be chosen at the top right corner of the window between the 4 acquired frequencies. The lower part of the window gives a quantified description of the switching profile, such as the rise time and fall time. Typically switching time lower than 300 us can be obtained for a 5kV HVPS.

The button Save Data can be used to save the data in the excel file, whicle the Cancel button can be used to quit without saving the results.