Continuous Switching mode

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To generate a continuous square wave, switching between 0V and a user-defined voltage at a user-defined frequency, use the following configuration:

Continuous switching configuration

  1. Source output on (default setting when starting the interface).
  2. Switching mode: Switching.
  3. Switching source: internal timer
  4. Voltage control mode: internal regulated control (this leads to accurate output voltage, according to the calibration file of the HVPS). You can change voltage control mode (4) only if the voltage set point (5) is 0V, and the source output (1) is off. It should be kept on regulated except for very specific applications.
  5. Set the desired voltage with either the knob control(5a), or the digital control (5b).
  6. Set the desired frequency in Hz. The frequency range is 0.001 Hz to >1kHz.
  7. Place this button on “infinity” to have continuous switching (default setting when starting the interface.)

Button (1) allows to easily turn the HVPS on/off, i.e. to toggle the output voltage between the voltage defined in (5) and 0V. You can also press on your keyboard space bar if the interface window has the focus to toggle the state of button (1).