Interface installation and prerequisites

You need to install the drivers for the micro-controller if you haven’t done it yet.

1 Version table

SHVPS firmwareMHVPS firmwareGUIPCBVersion summary
91.52.9v4b2, v4b3, v6b1Improved python interface and python library of functions
81.42.8v4b2, v4b3, v6b1python interface. Standalone version with battery.
71.32.7, 2.7.1v4b2, v4b3, v6b1Initial release of the PetapicoVoltron project

It is important to match the version of the firmware running on the SHVPS microcontroller to the PCB board version, and then the GUI version to the firmware of the HVPS. The table above lists the compatible version. Be sure to download the correct versions

2 PC

  • Copy the folder Windows installer from the download page to your computer, taking care to download to the interface version adapted to your board/firmware. Please refer to the version table above.
  • Launch the installer. By default the interface files are installed in the folder c:\HVPS_interface.
  • Once the installation is finished, launch HVPS_interface_vx.x.exe which will be located in the folder created during the installation. An entry is also created in the windows launch menu for convenience.

3 PC: Update to newer version

If you want to install a newer version of the interface on a computer that already has a version of the interface, you can run the installer of the new version.

If you are using the library in one of your projects (see below), you will need to replace the old version of the library file by the new one. There should be nothing to change in your programs.

4 Mac

The Mac version of the user interface is provided for convenience and is not guaranteed to work perfectly. We do not provide support for the Mac version of the interface. One known issue is that dialogue boxes tend to pop up behind the main window, and remain hidden to the user, unless the main window is moved.

If you don’t have Labview for Mac installed on your computer, you need to install the LabView Runtime Engine. You also need to install NI-VISA for Mac. You’ll find links to the NI website for these two components on the download page, alongside the OSX app.

Once these two components are installed,  copy to your computer. Unzip the archive into your application folder and launch it from there.