Current limitations of the Python interface

The python interface is a work in development and doesn’t (yet) integrate all of the functionalities of the LabVIEW interface. These are the current limitations:

  • The interface can only be used for the single channel (SHVPS) configuration. (i.e. no multichannel support.)
  • The interface can only handle a single SHVPS connected to a computer. (if two HVPS are connected to the same computer, the interface will connect to the one connected to the first USB port.)
  • The automatic calibration routines are not implemented. It is necessary to use the LabVIEW interface to calibrate a new HVPS, or use the manual calibration methods.
  • The configuration parameters of a new HVPS (name, maximal voltage, I2C address, etc.) cannot be entered from the interface. You should perform the initial configuration of a new HVPS using the LabVIEW interface, or enter the parameters manually using a serial connection.
  • The Waveform mode is not yet implemented.