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We provide a soldering/programming/calibration service, for researchers who would like to get a fully functional device without having to assemble one. The hvps-x high voltage power supply is not a commercial product. It hasn’t gone through certification and must be considered as a research instrument. Hence, we are not selling hvps-x units, but are providing an assembly and calibration service. This is an important difference.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping from new New Zealand is unfortunately quite pricey. Indicative price: NZD 90 (~Eur 50) for a delivery to Europe with the cheaper service. Prices also do not include local import sales (GST/VAT) and/or import taxes that you may have to pay on your end.

Make-it-easy package

This is the all-inclusive option. You get a fully functional unit with calibration and functional report and a back-up configuration file.


Price: ~NZD 1630 / ~EUR 895 / ~USD 1000 (for a 4kV unit. Marginal price difference depending on voltage rating. Please ask for a quotation for definitive pricing).

Enquire about the make-it-easy package

What we have in stock

At the moment (June 2024), we have:

  • We have components for a 4kV. For other voltage ratings, we need to order components. This takes ~1 week if parts are in stock from main electronic components suppliers
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