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We regularly receive requests to buy a Peta-pico-Voltron power supply. The idea of project Peta-pico-Voltron and of this website is to enable engineers to assemble their own power supply. Yet we understand that not all end-users of a Peta-pico-Voltron high voltage power supply have the knowhow, time, or interest to solder electronic components and program micro-controllers.

Hence we have decided to provide a soldering/programming/calibration service, for researchers who would like to get a fully functional device without the having to assemble one. The hvps-x high voltage power supply is not a commercial product. It hasn’t gone through certification and must be considered as a research instrument. Hence, we are not selling hvps-x units, but are providing an assembly and calibration service. This is an important difference.

Get in touch with us at  and tell us what you desire, and we provide you with a quotation. Below is an example of what we can do. It includes everything and you will get a device that works out of the box. Contact us for exact prices, as components cost is fluctuating.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping from new New Zealand is unfortunately quite pricey. Indicative price: NZD 90 (~Eur 50) for a delivery to Europe with the cheaper service. Prices also do not include local import sales (GST/VAT) and/or import taxes that you may have to pay on your end.

Make-it-easy package

This is the all-inclusive option. You get a fully functional unit with calibration and functional report and a back-up configuration file.


Price: NZD 1630 / ~EUR 895

Enquire about the make-it-easy package

What we have in stock

At the moment (Dec 2023), we have:

  • A 5kV unit fully assembled and calibrated (can be shipped within a few days)
  • The components for a 4kV unit (can be assembled in ~ 2 weeks)
  • For other voltage values, it takes about 3-4 weeks as we need to order the components.
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