Archive | June, 2017

Poster from the EAPAD conference

Here is the poster we presented at the 19th SPIE conference on electroactive polymer actuators and devices, Portland, OR, march 2017. It summarises the main characteristics of the HVPS HVPS_poster

Multi-channel configuration

We have published information on how to combine several single channel HVPS (SHVPS) into a multi-channel (2-4) HVPS (MHVPS). The information is much less detailed than for the SHVPS, but so do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions.

Demonstration of the stroboscopic functionality

We have published a video illustrating how the trigger function of the HVPS can be used for stroboscopic illumination. This allows to freeze or slow down the motion of actuators connected to the HVPS. For more information, see the Trigger/Strobe pulse page.