Download the files related to the hvps-x: Gerber PCB production files, Bill of materials, Python GUI and library, Microcontroller firmware and mechanical files.

Release 1 – Release the Kraken

Compatibility table between the Software/firmware/PCB versions

The most up-to date combination is listed at the top (i.e. use the top line, unless you have a good reason not to…)

Interface (Software)FirmwarePCB (Hardware), 1.3, 1.3 (with BOM V1.2)

Check the change log to see the modifications between versions.


  • PCB Gerber files v1.3 (V1.3 has only¬† a few minor routing changes compared to v1.2. The instructions on the website refer to v1.2, but components are located at the same location between the two versions)
  • BOM v1.2 rev1 for PCB v1.2&1.3 (use this if assembling a new board)
  • BOM v1.2 for PCB v1.2&1.3 (kept as reference if you have already ordered components. If not please use file on the previous line)


Older versions, for reference


Older version, for reference



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