This page described the software related to the Peta-pico-Voltron high voltage power supply. It includes information on the firmware and graphic user interface.

Requirements to run the software components

  • To flash the firmware on the microcontroller, you need  STM32CubeProgrammer software, which you can download from ST.
  • If you plan to run the GUI on a windows PC, you can use the compiled executable and don’t need anything else
  • For other platforms, or if you want to write your own programmes using the hvps library, you will need:
    • Python 3 (the library has been testing with Python 3.9)
    • A few python packages listed in the file requirements.txt located in the interface folder. From this folder, you can install all the required package using pip install -r requirements.txt


Graphic user interface (GUI)

Library of functions


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