The release of hvps-x means the end of development and support for the original SHVPS described on this page. The files and instructions remain accessible, but we won’t provide upgrades or support. The reason for stopping support is that we don’t have any SHVPS left to work on, nor any LabVIEW license to work on the user interface. If you want to assemble a high voltage power supply, we recommend our new hvps-x.

On this page

This is the dowload page for the legacy SHVPS power supply. For the current hvps-x, please refer to this page

General compatibility table

SHVPS firmwareMHVPS firmwareGUIPCBVersion summary
91.52.9v4b2, v4b3, v6b1Improved python interface and python library of functions
81.42.8v4b2, v4b3, v6b1python interface. Standalone version with battery.
71.32.7, 2.7.1v4b2, v4b3, v6b1Initial release of the PetapicoVoltron project

We recommend to use the first line of the table (i.e. the most recent version)

Most Recent Version: GUI v2.9 / SHVPS v9 / Board v6b1

Direct Access to file repository:

Below is the description of each file included in this release

General Files



Enclosure Files

Full enclosure files. However, these are not compatible with the new version of the board (v6), due to a change in the location of the power jack.

Previous versions

GUI v2.8 / SHVPS v8 / Board v4bx

GUI v2.7 / SHVPS v7 / Board v4bx


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