The release of hvps-x means the end of development and support for the original SHVPS described on this page. The files and instructions remain accessible, but we won’t provide upgrades or support. The reason for stopping support is that we don’t have any SHVPS left to work on, nor any LabVIEW license to work on the user interface. If you want to assemble a high voltage power supply, we recommend our new hvps-x.

1 Schematics of HVPS v6b1

2 PCB files for HVPS

2.1 Gerber files for the fabrication of the PCB

The Gerber files you need to manufacture the PCBs are on the download page

2.2 Fabrication instructions

  • Type of PCB: double sided
  • Dimensions of PCB: 126mm x 55mm
  • Base material: 1.6 mm FR4
  • Thickness of copper: 35 µm
  • Soldermask: yes
  • Silkscreen: only on top layer
  • Surface finish: HASL
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