Touch screen version of HVPS

We are excited to present the recent development of the Peta-pico-voltron project!

We have been working on a all new user interface programmed in Python for better portability across platform. The new interface can be run on a raspberry pi, and we have designed a completely self-contained unit that includes a touch screen, a single channel HVPS (SHVPS), and a battery pack for a totally independent power supply that doesn’t require a computer to run.

We will be presenting this new configuration at the “EAP in action” session of the conference on Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) XX, March 5 2018 @ 4.30pm, Denver Colorado.

More information on the Python interface and the touch screen configuration will be added to the website later this year.

Touch Screen interface with Raspberry Pi and battery pack
Touch screen version of HVPS

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