Year: 2024

PCBA v1.4 released

A new PCBA version, version 1.4 has been released and documented on the website. This is the version we recommend to make. It includes 2 output current settings, a pad to connect the ground plane to earth ground for increased safety, and general routing improvements. We have also released a new 3D-printed protection enclosure for […]

hvps-x library/firmware v1.1

Happy New Year 2024 everyone! At Peta-pico-Voltron, we start the year with a new minor release (version 1.1) that introduces some novelties: Support for 6kV hvps-x. We have know built and tested 6kV, 5kV, and 4kV, and the new release includes all the required values to configure/work with a 6kV hvps-x. This is probably the […]

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