hvps-x library/firmware v1.1

Happy New Year 2024 everyone!

At Peta-pico-Voltron, we start the year with a new minor release (version 1.1) that introduces some novelties:

  • Support for 6kV hvps-x. We have know built and tested 6kV, 5kV, and 4kV, and the new release includes all the required values to configure/work with a 6kV hvps-x. This is probably the most important part, as we have received a few enquiries regarding the possibility of a 6kV unit, and we are about to ship our first assembled 6kV unit.
  • A revised BOM (BOM v1.2 rev 1). There is no change to the PCB for this release, but we have altered the values of some components for better performance (and included the new components for the 6kV version).
  • A new trace feature for the output voltage graph display in the GUI that allows display of rapidly sampled data on the graph, instead of the default slow logging. This new feature is especially useful when using square waveforms at >1Hz, which are too fast to be correctly displayed in normal logging mode. The use of the trace mode is described in the GUI manual, Options section.
  • Bug correction and general improvements

You can find the files in the download section, and this page explains how to upgrade the hvps-x firmware in case you want to upgrade your 1.0 hvps-x to 1.1

hvps-x library/firmware v1.1
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