Software v9 released

Although a preliminary version has been available on the website for some time, we are now officially releasing the version 9 of the software for Peta-pico-Voltron. The documentation, is being updated on the website, but here is a summary of the exciting new features:

Python interface

The python interface integrates a lot of new features and with the exception of the automatic calibration routines, most of the functionality from the LabVIEW interface is now available on a complete open source package that can easily be run on all kind of platforms, including Raspberry pi or Tablets. Although the python interface was initially developed for a touchscreen interface, we realised that some users were also using it on computers with keyboards, and we have now added a lot of shortcuts that enables quickly changing parameters with a keyboard.

The Python interface now also includes a complete library of functions embedded in a class, that enables to easily communicate with the power supply. Writing your own programmes to control the HVPS is made easy with the use of the library.

If you are a current user of the Python interface, we recommend that you upgrade your HVPS to the new firmware (v9), and use the new Python interface.

LabVIEW interface

There is no change for the user, but if you want to assemble and calibrate a HVPS, we have now added support for the Analog Discovery 2 platform. Previously, only acquisition platforms from National Instruments were supported to acquire signals for the calibration/characterisation. The Analog Discovery platform is cheaper (and Digilent also as discounted prices for academic institutions) and therefore more affordable. With an AD2 and a high voltage probe, you can easily calibrate a HVPS and check its performance. This part is not yet documented on the website, but it will follow.

If you have ab existing HVPS and are using the LabVIEW interface, there is no need to upgrade to firmware 9 / Interface 2.9, as there will not be any difference for this usage scenario.

Software v9 released

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